Oakland Transitional Grant Area Planning Council
Serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties




Interested in being a Member? Are you one or more of the following?

  • Someone who lives in Alameda or Contra Costa Counties.

  • Someone looking to make a difference in their community

  • A person Living With HIV

  • A person who works and advocate for people with HIV.

  • Please note, you do not need health or health policy experience!

Requirements of Membership (please read BEFORE applying)

In order to be eligible for membership, you must follow the requirements below:

  1. Time commitment– Individuals appointed to the Planning Council may expect to devote a minimum of four (4) hours of their time monthly to Planning Council activities. This includes a 2-hour Planning Council meeting that takes place every 4th Wednesday of the month from 1-3pm, and a 2-hour Committee meeting (dates and times vary depending on the committee). 

  2. Residence– You must live within the Transitional Grant Area, which includes Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

  3. Conflict of Interest– All members must abide by the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure.  A conflict of interest is defined as having financial interest, either as an employee or fiduciary of an agency that receives Part A funds.   These members shall disclose such financial interest in advance of any discussion involving funding.

  4. HIV Disclosure– Each member is asked to disclose his or her HIV status on the application. This information is anonymously reported to HRSA to ensure that the Planning Council is fulfilling their membership requirements.  You are NOT required to disclose your status to other members of the Planning Council.

How to Apply

  • Complete the application. You can email or mail it as listed on the application.

  • Submit a resume

  • Attend two meetings before being seated.  At least one of the two meetings must be a Planning Council meeting.

  • Interview with the Membership Committee.

  • If approved by the Membership Committee and Alameda County Designee, attend a New Member Orientation.

Applications are accepted twice a year. The next seating begins May 2019. Once we receive your application and resume, the Planning Council Staff will contact you to schedule an interview with the Membership Committee.

Thank you for your interest in the Oakland Transitional Grant Area Planning Council.  If you have any questions, please contact us.